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Product And Media Launches

Product launches aren’t what they used to be. With increasing competition, you need a fistful of creative tactics up your sleeve. You’ve got to show the media and your potential customers why your product is the best. We know your product is awesome enough to sell itself. If people could just see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, your product would get the attention it deserves. The trick is to show potential consumers how your product is going to make their lives better–and it’s easier than you think. But you’ve got to start early.

What’s the number one consideration in choosing a media launch space Toronto industry experts recommend? Accessibility. You want to make media access as easy as possible. Luckily, Berkeley’s six awesome spaces for product launches in Toronto are situated in the downtown core. No one will have to travel more than a few minutes to attend your launch.

Ensure the venue you choose complements your product and how you want the media to receive it. Consider what style best represents your product and how well the environment integrates with the way you want to launch it. Berkeley has a product launch space in Toronto to match any taste. A collection of premium spaces boasting heritage charm and contemporary style featured in grand iconic buildings and downtown oases. Grand, airy spaces with sky-high ceilings. Outdoor courtyards for mingling guests. Victorian-inspired architecture and state-of-the-art furnishings. A vibe that will kickstart your product launch, wow your media guests, and contribute to a memorable event. Showcase your product at one of our hip, energetic spaces.

La Maquette’s prime location in Downtown Toronto makes it an ideal location for a media launch. With a view of the famous sculpture garden from its large, second-floor glass solarium, your media guests will marvel at this grandiose art deco gem in the middle of the city. Give your product depth and exposure in this sophisticated expanse of sparkling light and glass. The grand windowed facade offers a view to your event like no other. You have the space to be imaginative here.

An emblem of Toronto spirit and an impressive backdrop for your product launch. The site for the #GameofThronesTOand Canadian Olympic team events, this historic building has an incredible complex of indoor spaces to feature your product in a variety of ways. Make the massive classic mezzanine with stained glass and historic elegance the primary space to exhibit your product. The Berkeley Church has prestige and history wrapped up in one renowned space.

A beautiful mansion, once owned by the famous Gooderham Family of Toronto, the Berkeley Bicycle Club is a hip and historic venue for your product launch. Reward your guests with a space that pulses with energy, creative talent, and intelligence. An atmosphere saturated with its history of success and esteem. This historic mansion has exclusive, dynamic spaces for showcasing your product in creative ways.

One of Toronto’s best event spaces, Airship 37 is an ideal spot to host a product launch event with a generous guest list. The 2500 square foot hangar features minimalist, industrial style architecture and a massive entrance & showroom making it an ideal space for a new car release event. The adjoining Gooderham lounge offers a unique space for public addresses and the outdoor patio offers your guests a charming space for mingling.

With all the elements of a traditional country estate, Berkeley Fieldhouse is an exceptionally charming backdrop for a predetermined vision and an exclusive guest list. Engage your guests with the story of your product – its history, its growth, your vision for its success, within rustic wood walls and French doors. This charismatic venue lends your product the imagery that will make your guests remember your event.