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Prom & Grad Formals

Searching for an epic prom venue in Toronto? You’ve come to the right place. Discover the best graduation formal venue Toronto has to offer right here, with Berkeley Events.

One of the best times of your life awaits. This is the night when all your best friends come together for the ultimate celebration. Gowns and tuxedos. Corsages. Dancing. Stretch-limos and broken curfews. Create memories before time moves on and high school becomes a speck of time in the past.

Prom also marks the threshold to freedom, independence, and new adventures. One of the most remarkable achievements in life is to graduate from high school so it should be an awesome celebration at an amazing place. If you want any old prom venue Toronto has an infinite number to choose from. But a simple convention center with beige drapes and uniform design isn’t going to cut it. 

The venue you select is going to make or break your prom night so choose something edgy, unique, perfectly fitted for your generation. Berkeley Events has the one that is going to make your prom unforgettable.

Whether you’re a school administrator or head of the student social committee planning this year’s prom, you want to find the most unique grad formal venue Toronto has to make this milestone night memorable. Capture the glory of these twelve years of hard work with the greatest party of your life at a hip prom venue in Toronto with Berkeley Events. Check out our five spots.

La Maquette might be the perfect prom venue. Dance in the second-floor solarium that overlooks Toronto’s famous Sculpture garden. Mingle under the stars on the side patio – the ideal space to socialize when the party flows outdoors. If you want a hip, trendy, classic prom in a central Toronto neighbourhood, La Maquette is an excellent choice.

This venue is one of Toronto’s most historical and architecturally impressive structures. No other venue is going to offer this blend of tradition and contemporary energy. Featuring a majestic central ballroom with stained glass and fireplaces, and a classic mezzanine that overlooks the main space – a perfect spot to watch all the action and see who’s dancing with whom. If your senior class is large, 1871 Berkeley Church is the ideal choice for your prom.

Full of cozy nooks and corridors, this historical mansion was once home to the famous Gooderham Family of Toronto. This is a small venue with big allure for its unique features like a large glass solarium and wrap around patio where you can mingle under the stars. If you’re looking for a sophisticated but alternative prom venue, check out Berkeley Bicycle Club.

Airship37 reveals the true heart of Toronto with a historic edgy vibe and modern architecture. Voted the best event space in Toronto, Airship37 will make your prom the most epic party in the city. Discover incredible photo opportunities with the backsplash of minimalist industrial-style design, and myriad options for themes.

This venue offers a classic, fairytale feel for a prom. Berkeley Field House invites you in with its cool, rustic interior, cottage charm, and eclectic spaces for creative photos, including a creek and a treehouse. Accented with French doors, vintage chandeliers, and wooden walls, this space will embrace your graduation formal event in a warm, retro vibe.